The most recent ISAAC - AAC Journal was entirely about Aided Language Stimulation, with 5 articles from around the world looking at the current issues on aided language stimulation in a variety of settings and ages of individuals.

For those unfamiliar with ISAAC. It is the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication - 4 times a year it publishes a major research journal on a wide variety of data in AAC. Every other year there is a research based international conference. The next ISAAC Biannual conference is in Australia July 2018.

Many Countries have their own National branch of ISAAC> In the US, we have USAAC. And some states or regions of the country of their own local branch

USAAC has the Speak Up Blog, Webinars, a Disaster Relief strategy to replace and support AAC Users in their time of need due to hurricances, floods, etc. Find out more at

At this year's ISAAC Conference (July 2018) Portand State researcher, Dr. Samuel Sennott, is conduting a half day preconference titled, Evidenced-based Aided Language Modeling/Aided Language Stimulation. 

Kelly Fonner - 6/4/2018

Thanks Kelly! 

dwoodson - 6/5/2018