Collection A Capacity-Building Approach to Services for Children With Complex Communication Needs

Date Created: 9/16/2019

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This collection introduces and applies the concept of capacity-building as a model of AT service delivery that empowers all team members to build the skills and confidence to plan and implement appropriate interventions.

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Gayl Bowser

Gayl Bowser, M.Ed. works as an independent consultant Her work focuses on the creation of effective, legal and high quality service systems that encourage the integration of technology into educational programs for students with disabilities. Ms. Bowser has worked as a Regional and State-level administrator in Oregon. Formerly the Coordinator of the Oregon Technology Access Program (OTAP) and the State of Oregon’s Specialist in Assistive Technology, Gayl currently provides special education focused consultation, training and technical assistance throughout the United States and internationally. Gayl has co-authored numerous publications about assistive technology including ) Leading the Way to Excellence in AT Services: A guide for school administrators, Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology: A comprehensive guide to assistive technology services; Education Tech Points: A Framework for Assistive Technology; and Assistive Technology Pointers for Parents.

Quote This post introduces the concept of capacity-building as an AT service delivery model.

What is capacity building?

Gayl Bowser. - 9/16/2019

When I first began to get to know children with complex communication needs, I depended heavily on experts. Every week, students in my classroom were visited by a Speech and Language Clinician, an O...

Quote This post discusses the four different types of capacity and includes a case example to illustrate how this framework can be applied in a school setting.

Dimensions of capacity building

Gayl Bowser. - 9/16/2019

Our previous discussion ended with these questions: • What do you mean when you think about building capacity to provide effective communication programs for students with complex communication ...

Quote This post discusses various ways to provide support for capacity building.

Providing Support for Building Capacity

Gayl Bowser. - 9/16/2019

Literature about educational change indicates that there are four critical components needed for educational change: • Training, though not sufficient by itself, training is an important way to ...

Quote This post discusses the four types of resources that are critical to school programs striving to build independence and ownership among the people who interact with the student every day.

Resources for Building Capacity in Programs for Students with Complex Communication Needs

Gayl Bowser. - 9/16/2019

When the focus of a school program for children with complex communication needs is on building independence and ownership among the people who interact with the student every day, there are four type...


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