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This collection of posts addresses how to increase device proficiency by encouraging student ownership of the communication device and integrating use of the device in the classroom.

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This collection is a collaboration between the following professionals working in Illinois public schools: Kara Rose (Educator), Kathy Moss (SLP), and Daniele Cerone-Griffin (supervisor).

Quote This post includes a pdf of suggestions for how to implement strategies that will supporting individuals who use ACC to request repeating an action, request more of something, and make choices.

Targeting Level 3 Behaviors to Obtain Things

Communication Matrix Team . - 4/27/2015

This post is in response to a member's question about ideas for teaching Level 3 behaviors for the purpose of Obtaining things. The attached PDF simply provides general strategies (targeted behaviors,...

Quote In this post, Kelly discusses the importance of mindfully selecting prompting strategies to support more independent communication. She also includes resources with suggestions for prompting strategies.

Prompting Strategies

Kelly Fonner. - 3/15/2015

There are many practices, strategies, researched methods and opinions on prompting strategies. Prompting is a strategy utilized in implementing communication interventions with children in all the lev...

Quote In this post, Amy discusses strategies for incorporating AAC into a "morning meeting" preschool routine. Suggestions include specific ideas for greetings, music, movement, and language-based activities.

Integrating Early AAC Users into Morning Meeting in the Preschool Classroom

Amy Starble. - 5/15/2017

The majority of inclusive preschools I visit include a morning meeting at the beginning of their school day. I am often asked how to integrate emergent AAC users into this interactive and instructiona...


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