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Date Created: 11/25/2019

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Happy Thanksgiving to the Communication Matrix Community of Practice. I would like to share ideas on how to interpret results of the Communication Matrix and to consider it as a “road map” to guide teams when making decisions to promote progress.

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Karen Natoci

Karen was an early participant of the Outreach Program as part of the Communication Matrix grant project. She was lecturer at Wayne State University, worked directly with Dr. Charity Rowland as Assistant Professor at OHSU before spending a year learning from the teams at The Bridge School. Karen is currently an AAC Clinical Supervisor in the Bay area. She submits posts on the PrAACtically Reading blog and has a special interest in the development of literacy for those learning to communicate through AAC. She serves on the Editorial Review Committee for SIG 12 (AAC) Perspectives and mentors many new to the practice of AAC in the school setting. Disclosure: Karen Natoci is not an employee of the Communication Matrix Foundation or a current member of the research team. The views expressed in her posts are those of the author and not of the Communication Matrix Foundation.

Quote This post includes ideas on interpreting the Communication Matrix and using it as a guide for educational teams

Introducing the Communication Matrix as a "Road Map"

Karen Natoci . - 11/25/2019

I use the Matrix for several reasons: it has a nice visual presentation and makes my evaluation results easy to display in a clear, understandable way. For example, I will literally grab the nearest m...

Quote This post discusses how to use the Communication Matrix as a guide for AAC intervention.

Aided Symbol Input and the Communication Matrix

Karen Natoci . - 11/25/2019

The Communication Matrix is an assessment of a person’s early expressive forms and functions. The role of the communication partner is to use receptive supports to promote progress on the Matrix by be...

Quote This post includes helpful resources related to partner augmented symbol input and the idea of modeling.

Partner Augmented Symbol Input and Modeling

Karen Natoci . - 11/25/2019

I would like to share some resources related to partner augmented symbol input and modeling. The first is a pdf (attached) of a presentation I created providing a quick overview of partner augmented s...


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