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As a parent or caregiver, your input is one of the most valuable resources available to support your family member with complex communication needs. The Matrix is mainly used by speech-language pathologists and educators. But when you use it too, you can be on the same page as the professionals who are helping your child. Check out the posts in this collection to find out how the Communication Matrix can help you!

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Communication Matrix Team

We are the team members who work on the Communication Matrix projects at Oregon Health & Science University. We are a small group of researchers, speech-language pathologists and educational experts who are passionate about creating an engaging and supportive community to improve outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs.

Free Assessments for Parents

Communication Matrix Team . - 2/24/2022

Although the Communication Matrix is mostly used as an assessment tool by SLPs and teachers, it was updated in 2004 to be used by parents as well. As a parent , your input is one of the most valuable...

So you’ve completed a Communication Matrix Assessment. Now what?

Communication Matrix Team . - 2/25/2022

As a parent, what can you do with your assessment results to support your loved one with complex communication needs? Here are some ideas: Print Results : Results are summarized on a one-page P...

Using the Matrix to Plan Communication Goals

Communication Matrix Team . - 2/25/2022

As a parent, you are your child’s biggest advocate and spokesperson. We hope the Communication Matrix can serve as a tool as you advocate for accommodations and goals to guide your child’s communicati...

The Structure and Organization of the Matrix

Communication Matrix Team . - 2/28/2022

As a parent, you may want to understand more about how the assessment is organized so you may better support your child’s communication skills. Here are the basics: The Matrix is organized into 4 REA...

Network with Parents & Professionals on our Community Pages

Communication Matrix Team . - 3/2/2022

Our online Community pages are free to access and available to everyone. You can post questions, topics for discussions, share information, search events or use our powerful search engine to fin...

Shared Science to Improve Understanding

Communication Matrix Team . - 3/3/2022

Parents, if you are looking for information about individuals with the same disorder that your learner experiences, we encourage you to check out the Shared Science section of our website. The ...

User-friendly Help Videos and Email Support

Communication Matrix Team . - 3/4/2022

We truly want the Communication Matrix to be a user-friendly and useful tool for you as you support your child’s communication skills. If you have questions about how to begin, we encourage you to v...


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