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We attended the DEC conference in Portland, OR (our home base) on October 4th-6th. This collection will share our favorite resources, talks, and interesting things we learned.

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Communication Matrix Team

We are the team members who work on the Communication Matrix projects at Oregon Health & Science University. We are a small group of researchers, speech-language pathologists and educational experts who are passionate about creating an engaging and supportive community to improve outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs.

Quote We had a chance to spend some time with Deborah Chen at the DEC conference last week. This reminded us of her fantastic post about communication strategies for very young children who have complex communication needs. Thanks for your amazing work Deborah!

Strategies for promoting language and communication of infants and toddlers

Deborah Chen. - 11/12/2016

Another great resource attached Partnership in the Promotion of Communication in Infants and Toddlers project staff. (March, 2009). Strategies for promoting communication and language of infants and ...

Quote We love the DEC recommended practices and want to share resources about them with you!

DEC Recommended Practices

Communication Matrix Team . - 10/12/2017

Many of the presenters at the DEC conference emphasized the DEC recommended practice guidelines. According to DE (2014), the goal of the recommended practices is "to provide guidance to practitioners...

Quote We took the time at DEC to learn more about educational policy issues specific to young children with disabilities. We offer some resources in our post here!

Resources on Federal Policies that Support the Inclusion of Young Children with Disabilities

Communication Matrix Team . - 10/13/2017

Do you work in an inclusive early childhood program? Do you need more resources to support the inclusion of young children with disabilities into your early childhood program? If so-- you are in luck!...

Quote We appreciated the focus on systematic and intentional teaching described in this session. Check it out we think you will enjoy as well!

Intentional Teaching

Communication Matrix Team . - 10/13/2017

We attended a session that provided an overview of an interdisciplinary professional development program for Birth to Five Practitioners by Katherine Cullinan Holman, Erica Solliday, Beth Plumb, and C...

Quote We love the Connect: Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge Project. We thought our friends on this community would enjoy the videos and resources developed by the CONNECT project.

CONNECT MODULES: Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge

Communication Matrix Team . - 10/13/2017

As we've been at the DEC conference this past week, we've been gathering up resources for those of us who work with children ages 0- 8. Have you heard of CONNECT modules, free web modules to support ...

"Assessment for Programing for Young Children with Significant Disabilities"

Alexandria Cook. - 10/17/2017

This was the title of the great talk from Kimberly A. Christensen, Bowling Green State University. She emphasized one our core principles at the Communication Matrix: focus on what the child CAN do an...


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