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Date Created: 3/19/2018

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The Communication Matrix Team would like to recognize Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month by following along with this week's theme, "See Me as Your Friend." This collection includes content highlighting the stories of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Feel free to add to the conversation here or on social media with ##DDawareness18

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Kristi Atkins

Kristi Atkins is a speech-language pathologist and assistant professor in the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center at Oregon Health and Science University.

Quote In this post, Amy shares her experience as a sibling of a person with multiple disabilities.

Mutual Influence- Sisters as Communication Partners

Amy Parker. - 12/26/2016

This week, I've been reflecting again on my own journey as a sibling of someone with multiple disabilities. I can truly say that M has been one of the most influential people in my life and I have be...

Quote In this post, Kelly reflects on her experience as the sister-in-law to Kay, the oldest child in her husband's family.

The Impact of Family on Your Job in the Field of AAC

Kelly Fonner. - 6/10/2016

My sister-in-law Kay was the oldest of the sisters and brothers in my husband's family. After their mother passed away, as many first children do, she assumed the role of family matriarch. She refused...

Quote In this post, Heather shares an excerpt from a moving facebook post in which a mother shares her story in learning all the ways her daughter says "I love you" without using her voice.

Love Doesn't Need Words

Heather Withrow. - 12/11/2015

I wanted to share this insightful and rich post a friend, Shannon McLennan, wrote on Facebook. Her daughter, Oliana, has severe bilateral microphthalmia (what my son Orion has, too) and autism. I lo...

Quote In celebration of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month this video highlights the stories of several individuals with developmental disabilities.

"See Me as Your Friend" Video

Kristi Atkins. - 3/25/2018

The following video was shared by the North American Center for Collaborative Development in order to expand the conversation around inclusion and disabilities. Hear Me! People with Developmental Di...

Quote This post links to an article written by a woman with disabilities that is framed as a letter to her 16- year old self.

“See Me as Your Friend”- A letter to my younger self

Kristi Atkins. - 3/25/2018

This article was shared by the North American Center for Collaborative Development as part of DD Awareness month. It is a story published on the Ramp Up: Disability, Discussion, Debate website and wri...

Quote In this post, Kelly shares a video that follows several years of a young girl, Maya, learning to use her AAC device

Maya Finds Her Voice

Kelly Fonner. - 2/11/2015

Follow these 2+ years of a video documented account of Maya, as a mother tells the journey of navigating augmentative & alternative communication from her daughter's 2nd to 5th birthdays. She will tal...


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