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Date Created: 4/5/2019

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This collection discusses working with school teams when implementing AAC systems with students from the perspective of outside consultant and private AAC practitioner.

Mike Cole M.S. CCC-SLP is President of Use Your Words, P.C. established in 2010 specializing in augmentative and alternative communication. He provides services to individuals with complex communication needs and their families in the home, school, and community setting. Prior to this he served a variety of students in self- contained and inclusion school settings as assistive technology specialist in school a school district in Aurora, IL. In this position Mike provided consultation and training to staff, students, and families with specific emphasis in AAC evaluation and implementation. Additionally, consultation, training, and implementation guidance regarding assistive technology tools to allow access to curriculum including reading, writing, math, communication, and the physical environment was provided. Mike presents locally and nationally regarding topics related to AAC and assistive technology. Past presentation venues include ATIA, Infinitec, AAPPSPA, ISHA, and school districts.

Creating collaboration from the start...

. - 4/5/2019

When implementing AAC tools with a client, it takes the whole village. As a result, there are a lot of different people who are involved in AAC implementation. With a variety of people comes a vari...

Quote Difficulty with implementation is typically due to lack of knowledge or a feeling of being overwhelmed rather than lack of will.

Information typically needed to help parents and school personnel get started...

. - 4/9/2019

When helping school teams and home caregivers implement AAC, I find there are key pieces of information typically needed. 1. Feature Matching With easy access to communication apps on tablets, AAC ...

Quote Changing opinion statements to data driven statements leads to better decisions, outcomes, and goals.


. - 4/12/2019

When assisting with AAC implementation with family and school teams, opinions can develop quickly. 1. "He likes/doesn't like the device." 2. "This device is too hard for her." 3. "She is using it...


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