The Structure and Organization of the Matrix

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2/28/2022 1:54 PM

As a parent, you may want to understand more about how the assessment is organized so you may better support your child’s communication skills. Here are the basics:

The Matrix is organized into 4 REASONS TO COMMUNICATE that appear across the bottom of the Profile: 

  • to REFUSE things that we don't want
  • to OBTAIN things that we do want
  • to ENGAGE in social interaction
  • to PROVIDE or seek information

Under each of these 4 major reasons are 24 more specific messages that people express.

Each of these messages correspond to the 24 questions you answer as you complete the Matrix.

The specific messages are arranged by Level and Reason, as seen on our “Structure and Organization of the Matrix” tab here

If you have additional questions as you administer the Communication Matrix, you can contact our customer support at

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