New Translations

We receive many questions about translating the Communication Matrix into new languages.

online version

is an extremely time consuming and expensive effort, requiring the development of a new web site that is integrated into the associated database. Even after a new translation has been completed, funds are required to cover (a) the cost of ongoing technical support in the new language and (b) maintenance services.

You may download all the Matrix questions and response options as a PDF in any language that we support online by clicking "Download Questions as PDF" from your dashboard.

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Your donations go, in part, to helping us translate the Matrix Assessment and Community into more languages and help individuals with severe communication issues worldwide.
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Dr. Carolina Haţegan & Dr. Dorina Talaş, Lector Univ.



Matrice de Communication
Prof. Dr. Germaine Geremaud & Lic. Phil. Suzanne Paccolat.

Portuguese (Brazilian)

Portuguese (Brazilian)

Matriz De Comunicação Miriam Xavier Oliveira. São Paulo: Grupo Brasil



Комуникационна матрица, Специално за родители Emanuela Stoilova, Assistant Professor in Sofia University 'St. Kliment Ohridsky', Dept. of Special Education & Speech Therapy



תקשורת מטריקס Yifat Neeman, SLP, Keren Or School for Visually Impaired Children with Additional Disabilities, Jerusalem, Israel



Kommunikációs Mátrix - Lívia Ivaskó, PhD & Zsófia Kisföldi, PhD-student - Developmental and Neuropragmatic Research Group - University of Szeged, Hungary



Die Kommunikationsmatrix - Juniorprofessor Dr. Phil. Markus Scholz & Dr. Melanie Jester (Ph.D.) - Institut für Sonderpädagogik - Universität Koblenz-Landau


Persian (Farsi)

Hooshang Dadgar(Ph.D student of SLP, Academic Member) - Tehran University of Medical Sciences - School of Rehabilitation - Director of Neurofeedback Lab



Emil Holmer - Swedish Institute for Disability Research - Department of Behavioural Science and Learning - Linköping University

Helena Wandin - Uppsala University and Swedish National Center for Rett Syndrome & Related Disorders



Speech Therapist Chiara Zeni

Speech Therapist Sara Isoli

Speech Therapist Mariavittoria Gaiotto

Translator Alice Zeni

Currently we have no funding to pay for new translations. However, we would like to encourage translations into new languages on a volunteer basis. Individuals who wish to help make the Communication Matrix available in a new language may donate their services to the Friends of the Communication Matrix Foundation by translating either the print version or the web site. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this possibility.

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