Mason's Milestones

Author-Avatar Kelly Fonner

7/12/2019 4:24 AM

Lesley Skahan is Mom to 3 Boys, one who has complex communication and health needs, a Home Schooling parent, and a woman on a mission to share what she and her family are learning about building a community of people who communicate in multiple modalities, including the language of AAC symbols that her son, Mason, uses.

She shares Mason's and their family journey through several sources on Facebook Group and Pages:

Lesley and husband, Matt, spent the month of October posting a video every day of them talking with Mason and his AAC system on one of these sites. October is known as AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) month.

They are always happy to answer questions that are posted on Mason's Milestones. Go there, watch a video, make a comment, ask a question. join the discussion.

Lesley was recently one of the AAC Mom's who shared their Top 5 pointers during a Preconference session to the AAC in the Cloud conference.

Body movements,2-dimensional symbols,Early sounds/vocalizations (not speech),Visual Behavior,Level 4. Conventional Communication,Level 6. Abstract Symbols,Level 7. Language,Speech-Language Pathologist,Educator,Parent/Family Member,Intervention Strategies,Family

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