I shared a link to this collection on social media. It's almost like a "developmental arc" moving from our silos to a well oiled machine ... and sometimes starting over again when staff change (or taking three steps back sometimes!) 

Karen Natoci - 9/19/2019

I was a teacher for a lot of years.  And the term Silos really resonates.  When I went into my classroom for students with complex communication needs, I was in charge of it all.  And in my classroom, we did not have any kind of district-adopted learning sequence or curriculum.  So, while it was fun to be in charge,  there was little opportunity for me to share ideas with other people.  It's one of the reasons I so appreciate this Communication Matrix Community Site.  I get ideas and inspiration from people I will probably never even meet.

I do think, though, that it's better to have a learning sequence or curriculum to go with the information that you get from using the matrix. The places that I see the best services provided for students with complex communication needs are the places where the agency has offered a sequence that matches state standards and where everyone can know what kids are working on.  If the entire class is having a month of activities about fall and seasons, then we all have something to talk about.  

gaylbowser@gmail.com - 9/19/2019