I love this. I have been dreaming about something like this in our small community. I am currently working with 3 students and 2 young adults who have some type of AT devices... mid tech and high tech. All of them are early emergent users of AAC. I would love to see our district do a "camp" or collaborate with near by districts to pool resources. However,   I am not clear on how you found all the funding and resources for the camp. I see there were fees involve and scholarships for those who could not afford it, but where did the scholarships come from? Who staffed it and how were they paid for to supervise the SLP students? How was the facility and materials funded? and Who and how did the planning happen? How did you decide on activities? Were you working from a specific set of core words? Or some other priority for planning activities and device use?

Dee Steinbach - 2/27/2020

HI Dee,

Sorry for the delay in responding. To answer your questions: 1. The camp itself is a regularly scheduled camp through our local Parks & Rec. The campers registered for camp for a specific, pre-determined week (the camp held 6 spots for them). Our Portland Parks & Rec has a program called "Adapted & Inclusive Recreation" (AIR) - and a program called SUN - both of which, were our partners. The scholarships were through the usual Parks & Rec application process. We were funded through Portland State University Speech & Hearing Program to supervise their Graduate SLP students for this project. The PSU program had money granted to them through the Oregon Scottish Rite (a local organization). The activities were decided on by the camp programming staff. We programmed the 'get to know you week' at our AT Lab based on the camp curriculum that the campers would participate in during the following week (to prep them). Does that all make sense and answer your questions? In essence, it was the partnership with the local Parks & Rec camp program and PSU that made this possible. Feel free to contact me with any other questions. I'd love to share any info that would make something like this possible in your area!

Kim Elliott - 3/12/2020