HomeTalk: a Family Assessment

3/16/2016 10:44 AM

HomeTalk, a Family Assessment of Children who are Deafblind was developed by myself and Philip Schweigert with the help of following team of parents and professionals: John Harris, Nancy Hartshorne, Tracy Jess, the late Dr. Harvey Mar, Dr. Nancy Sall, Shaunie Schmoll, Linda Unruh, Nancy Vernon, and Tandy Wolf. Its purpose is to help families participate in the planning of their child’s educational program. Family members and other care providers have the best opportunities to make observations of a child at home and in the community. They know their child’s skills better than anyone, and they need a way to describe those skills in a language that professionals will respect. HomeTalk can provide a broad picture of a child’s skills, special interests, and personality. HomeTalk was developed by a group of parents and professionals who know the importance of collaboration. HomeTalk may be used to:

• help develop an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
• review a child’s progress and needs at a school meeting
• introduce a child to new staff members
• summarize important information about a child.

Download HomeTalk in English without cost at this link:

Download HomeTalk in Spanish without cost at:

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