Under the Table - The Importance of Presuming Competence Shelly Moore

Author-Avatar Kelly Fonner

6/10/2016 9:26 PM

There's a wonderful Ted-X Talk from Shelly Moore in which she describes one of her first experiences as a high school special educator with a student with autism, sensory disabilities and intellectual disabilities. Her idea of competence is that we have to ..." believe that all people can learn because if you don't presume competence then it is us who are disabled."

Her TedX talk - Under the Table tells the story of how our assumptions influence not only how we act, but how we treat others. This story is one of understanding and realization that all students are are capable and contributors in their communities. We know that diversity is a strength, but if we are to truly move inclusive education forward in our schools, we need to understand the essential component of presuming competence.

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