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Date Created: 3/16/2016

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In addition to the Communication Matrix, there are a number of instruments that have been or are being created to assess communication in people who have complex communication needs. I will describe some of the ones that seem really promising. Many of these products were developed to meet the needs of children who are deafblind or who have autism, but they are all applicable to many children with multiple disabilities, no matter what specific impairments they experience. Maybe you use some other instruments that you really like that are appropriate for people with complex communication needs. Please share with our community!

Quote This instrument is appropriate for individuals with severe/multiple disabilities and sensory impairments.

Every Move Counts Assessment and Intervention

Kelly Fonner. - 3/13/2015

Every Move Counts is a Sensory based Communication Assessment and Intervention Planning Process. Used by therapists and educators who have received training by some of the authors, Jane Korsten and Te...

Quote This assessment would be appropriate for the same population for whom you might use the Communication Matrix.

Communication Complexity Scale

. - 2/29/2016

The Communication Complexity Scale measures early communication behaviors--from reactions to environmental changes to the production of symbols. It is being developed at the University of Kansas b...

Quote This tool allows a family to describe their child's capacities in terms that professionals will understand.

HomeTalk: a Family Assessment

. - 3/16/2016

HomeTalk, a Family Assessment of Children who are Deafblind was developed by myself and Philip Schweigert with the help of following team of parents and professionals: John Harris, Nancy Hartshorne, T...

Quote This tool addresses the entire social context of the AAC user.

Social Networks

. - 3/16/2016

Social Networks: A Communication Inventory for Individuals with Complex Communication Needs and their Communication Partners , by Sarah Blackstone and Mary Hunt-Berg (2012), is an assessment as well a...

Quote This is an assessment that covers many areas of communication relative to 0-10 year old children.

Pragmatics Profile of Everyday Communication Skills in Children

. - 3/16/2016

The Pragmatics Profile of Everyday Communication Skills in Children was developed by Hazel Dewart and Susie Summers in 1995. Like the Communication Matrix, it takes a pragmatic approach to communicat...

Quote The CSBS is one of the few normed instruments appropriate for early communicators.

Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales and Infant Social and Communication Behavior Scales

. - 3/16/2016

The Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales (CSBS), by Wetherby and Prizant (2003), is a widely used norm-referenced instrument appropriate for infants through preschoolers who are at risk for co...


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