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Date Created: 12/23/2019

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This collection introduces and describes a new website called Thinking about Thinking for AAC (TAT4AAC), which was designed to help professionals, designers, and consumers consider the cognitive demands of AAC.

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Melanie Fried-Oken

Melanie Fried-Oken, Ph.D. is a certified speech-language pathologist, Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, Biomedical Engineering, and Otolaryngology at the Oregon Health & Science University. As a leading international clinician and researcher in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication, she provides expertise about assistive technology for persons with acquired and developmental disabilities. She has a number of federal grants to research communication technology for persons with severe speech and physical impairments, including a translational research grant on Brain Computer Interface (BCI). She is a partner in the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement ( and a practicing clinician in the Augmentative Communication Clinic at Oregon Health & Science University.

Quote This post introduces the Thinking about Thinking for AAC (TAT4AAC) website, which went live on Tuesday, November 12.

Introducing the TAT4AAC (Thinking About Thinking for AAC)

Melanie Fried-Oken. - 12/20/2019

We are all challenged by cognitive demands placed on us by everyday technology. My latest challenges have been in the grocery store and with my smartphone. When I go to pay for groceries with a credit...

Quote This post describes the steps in the design process that went into building the website and designing the content.

TAT4AAC: The Iterative Design Process

Melanie Fried-Oken. - 12/23/2019

Hopefully you have had a chance to explore the TAT4AAC at . Today, I’d like to describe the 6 steps that went into building the website and adding the content. The project was led by...

Quote This post discusses when to use the TAT4AAC and provides case examples to illuminate the utility of the tool.

When to use the TAT4AAC

Melanie Fried-Oken. - 12/23/2019

Hopefully, you had a chance to select some AAC features on the TAT4AAC and read research summaries about the cognitive demands that those AAC technology features place on users. If not, here’s the lin...


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